Tuesday, September 03, 2013

And the last of NYC! :)

One last batch of pics from our super NYC visit. Here we are with our dear friend Brian...

We visit Brian and Gary every time we go to NYC. Brian and Gordon went to law school together and we've all been friends for a long time. Gary is having some serious health issues right now, so we were glad to be able to spend some time with him and Brian. Love to both of you guys if you're reading this! :)

On the Saturday night, we went for a 6.22 km  run (I took my Garmin running watch with me!) along the Hudson River with Brian. It was so fun running in such a different place! Of course I slowed the boys down, but they gallantly did not mention my pace. This pic was taken the day the day we left, when we went back for a short stroll along the river.

 And here are some pics from our hotel room...

I have always been fascinated by those wooden water tanks on top of the buildings. To me they scream    "New York!" and I just love them. 

At the Brooklyn Museum, I told Gordon he should get this chair for his new office:

And look! New York kitties!

Snoozing in the shop in the warm midday sun. Lots of reflections in the glass, but it's kind of interesting.

And of course we had to walk through Times Square...

And take a bunch of silly selfies!

We also went to Lord & Taylor. I told Gordon he should have bought this:

For some reason, he didn't agree!

On the last day, we had a great lunch at Markt:

Gordon had some Belgian beer. I stuck to water.

For lunch I had some delicious, perfectly cooked salmon. Yum! And dessert was totally worth the calories...

Gordon had a lemon tart with this amazing beer sorbet! The sorbet was so refreshing.

I went for the CHOCOLATE... 

Delicious molten chocolate cake with oh-so-yummy pistachio ice cream! It was so very good. I wish I were eating it  RIGHT. NOW!!!

We really enjoyed Markt, and the maître d' was (a) gorgeous and (b) very friendly. We chatted about Montreal, and Madison (Wisconsin.) I have had many great experiences with friendly people in NYC. I used to hear so many horror stories but they have never matched my very positive experiences. I am not  much of a city gal anymore but this city is one I do love!

And I found a cake supply shop for my friend Ronna.

So much great architecture, like the Flatiron building:

And damn!

I so wish I'd had time to visit the Museum of Sex!! Hahahaha! Next time.

I am not waiting three years to return like I did this time. Hope to see you again soon, NYC! (You too, B & G!)


  1. Great shots of a beautiful city. I really love the downtown night shots. Cute 'cat in window' photos. I think they are related.:-b
    You guys are so cute. Glad you had fun. Deb

  2. I can tell by the satisfied look on your face that you had a good time. You saw many amazing things.

  3. Yes, I am reading! And salivating - those desserts look awesome, or awe-so-yummmmm! Come back soon for another run along the Hudson and then we'll go with you this time for dessert.

    Brian xo

  4. PS: Who took that GREAT photo at the end, of you and Gordon along the Hudson? Your hair has that just-back-from-the-regatta windblown look. And Gordon's so content and relaxed, he even is flashing some teeth with his smile. Very photogenic, something to print up and frame for Gordon's office. :-)

  5. When you say "a run along the Hudson" you were to one side of it, alongside the water rather than running on it? If not, then I want more photographs please!

    Looks like a brilliant visit. The new York is a bit bigger than the old York!

  6. How good to find someone else who photographs their food!

  7. It's time for teenage duckling fix now :)

  8. My mom-person would too have went for the CHOCOLATE...

  9. The only way I will get this is vicariously through you, so go again please.


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