Thursday, July 09, 2009

Peep peep peep!

We are now the proud "parents" of thirteen "sex-links"chicks, seven black and six red (well, more like yellow-and-brown right now!), trucked to us yesterday from Frey's Hatchery in lovely St. Jacobs, Ontario. These girls (Sex-Links can be reliably sexed at hatching) are our future laying hens and will not be on the dinner table. But yes, I admit it, we will eat their unhatched children, aka eggs.

The chicks are Harco Black and Shaver Red Sex-Links. You can learn more about those breeds on the Frey's site. Click on "Chickens", then "Breeds", the "Dual Purpose Brown Egg Layers."

But mostly, they are just AWFULLY CUTE:

Here's the Chicken Whisperer, looking at the thirteen new girls in his life:

They eat, drink, poop, peep and sleep!

The Proud Chicken Papa, with one little black chick peeking up at me.

The chicks are currently residing in a cardboard box in our guestroom (which is to a me a pink floral nightmare. Lucky you, the pink painted walls don't appear in this picture. Eventually I will be stripping that wallpaper!!! My apologies to those who love pink. I'm not much of a girly-girl!) I suspect the chicks mind the pink less than I do.

A little red hen-to-be!

And a little black hen-to-be!

I'll take some better pics today in the daylight, without the infra-red glow. My dog Tristan has gotten extra-clingy since the chicks arrived. I think he is worried about being replaced by something cuter than him. Not to worry, my Vizsladorable* boy, you'll always outrank the chickens. Just don't eat them, okay?

*Tristan is a Vizsla-Labrador cross, and a rescue dog.

"Look at me. I am so much cuter than a dumb bird!"


  1. OOH, those chicks are really cute but I think doggie is still cuter!

  2. I'd forgotten how darn cute they are when they are little. Too bad they grow up!

  3. How cute is Tristan?!!! The chix are fine and all but I'll take the pooch any day of the week for cuteness! lol

  4. I want to cuddle up one of those chicks! Than afterwards I will give tristan a belly rub!

  5. Tristan says he could eat the chick, then you could spend all your time giving him a belly rub!!

  6. Name me one thing that is NOT cute when it's little.

    Those are, I have to admit.

  7. They are so adorable! The doggie isn't too shabby either :)


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