Friday, December 21, 2007

Baking dogs

I've been working on Christmas baking. The pets are keeping me company in the kitchen!

Tristan, my sweet boy! You can see Sophie back there through the chair legs. I think they were hoping some baking would fall on the floor. I did manage to spill some shredded coconut, but the dogs were unimpressed and I eventually had to get out the vacuum.

Speaking of baking...

On the left, triple layer squares from this month's Canadian Living magazine. They were the winners for "squares" in a contest the magazine ran. Karen DeBeer of Moose Jaw, these are AWESOME!!!

On the right, chocolate-coconut-almond tarts before baking. You also drizzle chocolate on them when they are done. THere is cream cheese in with the coconut, and they are bar none (bad baking pun there.. bars, get it? nevermind!) my favourite holiday goodies.

Here Tristan searches for crumbs. He is so helpful!

Here are the triple layer squares, pre-cutting. I still haven't cut them! Must get on that.

Sophie was having a snooze.

And Alex was having a snooze in the next room!

Here is the finished tart, just before I ate it:

As you can see, they aren't all that big. Therefore, I can eat more of them!


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    Oooo The stuff looks GREAT ... I really like the food pics interrupted with some dogs pics :)) ... and the floor to DIE for ..hahahha.

    The chocolate layer thing looks just beautiful


  2. Anonymous11:42 am

    Where are the Llamas?


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