Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have been remiss lately in keeping up with the blog, but what can I say? My dog died, I got spayed, and we just sold our house! However, here is my offering to make up for things. Last year, we went to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria (over-rated and very over-priced, in my opinion) and I decided to test out our new zoom lens.

I call it, "Bums in the Gardens: a study of cheeks"


  1. With a camera in your hands, you become more than the lunatic you generally are... you become The Stealth Lunatic ...

    Remind me to avoid wearing knit pants if I know you're around.

  2. It was a super-duper zoom lens. None of them knew they were being photographed. And I thoughtfully left out their heads, so the bottoms are unidentifiable.

    But yeah, probably you should avoid the knit pants...

  3. Ummm ... do you have other anonymous body part collections?

  4. Is it just me or is the lavendar bum getting goosed by a rose bush? I've been to many gardens but never had quite this perspective on things....thanks?

  5. Oh dear God, MB, that is exactly what it looks like! No wonder she's so clenched!

    I'll see what else I can find in terms of anonymous body part collections... but remember, this is a G-rated blog. Well, maybe PG17...


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