Saturday, December 23, 2017

All I want for Christmas... an amazing home for my dear foster kitty Fanny!

I've been fostering this girl for a few weeks now. I love her.

She is a bit shy, but enjoy sitting in your lap to be cuddled and brushed.  I mentioned her in my last post. She is feeling so much better now that her mouth is fixed up.

I would keep her but (a) I don't need 18 cats and (b) I want to see her in a home where she gets plenty of love and attention without three hyper dogs. She is good with other kitties. She liked our foster cat Hallie and kittens Tulip and Enzo, who have all been adopted out in the past week.

I just want her to have a wonderful home. She has suffered enough in this life, and yet she still wants the company of humans. She would do well in a quiet home with someone who will be patient with her and let her come out on her own terms. She still likes to retreat to her box for alone time, but she will come out now when I call her, and even jump up into my lap.

Like I said, I love her... so does Gordon!

Meanwhile in Goatville...

Feeding grain to 21 goats is a bit of a life-or-death challenge now, lol.

Luc has been doing it for me a lot. I can't outrun these suckers and then they try to knock the bucket out of my hands! :)

And we adopted three more goats in November. Lloyd, Olive and Lillian...


No, not me. Olive (brown head.) The vet did ultrasounds on Thursday because I was highly suspicious. He doesn't Lillian is preggars, unless she very far along (when it can be hard to tell with the ultrasound) or not very far along (too early to tell.) Luc thinks she is preggars. Luc grew up working with cows, so I think his farmer's intuition may be correct. Regardless, Olive is for sure knocked up and due in about 2 to 3 months. So MORE GOAT KIDS FOR US! I've already exceeded my self-imposed goat limit of 20, sigh....

Bert kindly gave me a hand while I cleaned the goat house the other day. Wait, no he didn't. Neither did Kevin...

Have you ever seen a moose-goat before?

Me neither. No wonder he head-butts me!

Get out of the way, Annabelle!

Don't worry. She did! :)


  1. I just love looking at your goats and as you add more and more! Babies yeah!! So sweet little Fanny is a doll and just needs a good home. Praying it happens soon. My Annie is a snuggler and likes be an 'only' kitty. Wishing you all the best and watch those head butts!

  2. Your pictures are always guaranteed to make me smile.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Gordon. Oh, and everyone else on the farm!

  3. I predict Fanny will have a new home by the new year!

  4. Adorable. Yeah, I'd probably head-butt you, too!

  5. Everyone looks happy and healthy. Do those "antlers" keep his horns warm?

  6. Happy Christmas to you and your large fur-family!
    Your gorgeous little cat will have a new home soon I'm sure!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)


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