Monday, January 09, 2017

Winter... yes, I love it.

I admit it, I love winter. Yes, it is probably my favourite season. I love winter, I love being outside in winter, winter winter winter! :)

Last Saturday we were enjoying it to the fullest at our place. A bunch of our friends came over and we had fun with snowmobiles, horses, inner tubes and sleds. There was a little bit of riding, too...

Sandy and some of the other horses pulled for a while, and our friend had his snowmobile for back up when the horses got tired!

And I was counter-weight on Luc's snowmobile for a while!

On Sunday, I spent a bit of quality time with my buddy Saul, and my friend Jackie took some photos...

He was enjoying the cuddle, but was also keeping an eye on Dodger, who looked like he wanted in on the attention! The dogs are very good around the equines and I think that eventually, we'll be able to bring the dogs along on trail rides.

Jimmy wanted in on the lovin' too!

Saul is the best donkey in the universe!

Meanwhile, in the barn...

...barn cat suppertime! It is a myth that you should starve your barn cats to make them better hunters. They are lousy, inept hunters when starving. Our barn cats are all (a little TOO) well-fed, and they do a great job annihilating vermin. From front to back: Missy, Emerson, Redford, Buttercup and Keaton.

And here is Daddy's little Princess...

Miss Gigi, failed foster puppy. We started puppy classes last weekend and she did great.

Yes, she actually fell asleep like that.

Gordon likes to carry her everywhere. :)

The cats are less than thrilled with the increased dog population!


  1. Gigi is totally spoiled.... my parents and I were debating.. how do you pronounce her name - is soft G? french like jeejee, or a hard G?

    1. If I am feeling fancy, I pronounce it in the French way, but otherwise it's G like George. :)

  2. I'm glad you like winter...someone has to. I hate winter. I hate going out to a cold car, in the dark, to drive to work. I hate coming home in the dark and having to shovel the driveway of the day's accumulation of snow. Perhaps if I could be out and about during the day, in the sunshine or even when the snow was falling, I'd be more receptive but for now I dream about the green grass, budding flowers, and warm sunshine of spring.

    Love the photos of all the animals. Life cannot help but be interesting with the different personalities.

  3. I love winter too. I hate that I am not able to be outdoors doing stuff though. Waiting for a knee replacement so snow shoeing, etc. is off the table.

  4. I don't mind winter, but we only get a mild snow every 20 years so we think you would consider it very mild.

    Glad everyone is fed and cosy at your place.

  5. Hi Natalie, wonderful photos, looks like lots of fun last weekend. I don't mind the cold temperatures but not thrilled with snow. I also live with someone who HATES winter so I think our days in Ontario in the wintertime are numbered once he fully retires. Gigi found the perfect home!

  6. You do seem to enjoy all that winter has to offer. I'm a stay inside and stay warm gal. Me and the cat!

  7. Hi- Love the latest edition to your family and the fact that Gordon carries her! Thank you for giving Gigi a loving home. Looks like you had a fabulous winter outing but as one who grew up in the midwest (and now living in Southern CA) , I will enjoy vicariously through your beautiful photos. Thank you for your lovely blog. I LOVE the photo of the cats showing their displeasure at the increase in the dog population.

  8. Lovely photos , I like winter when it is sunny but dreary and a mixed bag of weather like we have had the past few days gets to me as I cant stand being cooped up indoors . Looks like you all had a great time . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. always love your photos...ecstatic to see Saul again (I am in love with this fella)...

  10. I love winter too. :) Great photos, I love the one of the kitties lined up to eat.

  11. Our winter here in Texas goes from 80 degrees (Farenheit) one day down to 15 degrees overnight. Whiplash weather! I love, love, love your photos of Saul. I can almost feel his lovely warm fur.

  12. Your photos make winter look like a wonderland. But I really like being warm and walking on the beach with my shoes off and sunshine... and being warm!

  13. It does look pretty wonderful, but after our little taste of it last weekend...I'm looking forward to Spring! Love the animals, XOXO


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