Monday, November 14, 2016

Good night, sleep tight...

I went down to tuck in the barn critters tonight...

Roo and Sandy thought maybe I was bringing them some food!

Keaton wanted cuddles!

Buttercup and Redford were just hanging around... those faces! I love them so.

And this face...

...belongs to sweet Esme. Yesterday marked two years since she and her friend Finney came to live here after being seized by the OSPCA. Esme is a lovely girl and likes a good-night kiss.

And Finney... now "broke to ride!" My riding instructor Rose has been working with him. Today he took his first trail/road ride... 8 km and he was GOOD AS GOLD!

He even crossed the Beaudette River at the back of our property!
He has come a long way in two years, and I am so proud of him. He's about 4 now. When he arrived, he was freshly gelded and completely lacking in manners. But he's super smart and has learned so much. And now he's turning out to be an awesome little riding pony, and it's so much fun watching him trot and canter. So proud of my chestnut pony!

And Saul...

...has his own stall again.

This one was built for him a while back, but he'd been using another stall until tonight. But right now we are boarding my friend's horse, so we finally got the door on this to free up some stall space. Saul is adjusting!

When I was a kid, my Dad used to say the same thing to me every night...

Good night, sleep tight
don't let the fleas bite
and let the guardian angels keep you safe all night

...all while making the sign of the cross on my forehead (Irish Catholic, don'tcha know!) Even after he and my Mum split up, he would call me every night before bed (I usually spent Friday night and Saturday with him) and we would say the verse to each other. This continued on well into my high school years.

Sometimes when I am having trouble sleeping, I think of my Dad saying that to me with love, and it helps. Maybe I should start saying it to the equines! :)


  1. These equines are fortunate to have you. Yes, they'll like the little rhyme.

  2. I look out on my neighbour's horses (plus two others), and realise how fortunate yours are.

  3. What a lovely memory of your Dad Natalie. Esme's face just cracked me up!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Everything about this post filled my heart with love. And this old heart needed that feeling today. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful photos and a sweet memory of your dad. xo

  6. Such sweet animals, great news and lovely memory of your Dad.

  7. So many happy faces. :)

  8. Love your pics! especially the ones of Esme! What a wonderful world you have created for them.

  9. What sweet faces to see before bed.

  10. Lovely photos . Glad all the ponies and horses are getting along and doing well . Such a lovely farm you have there takes me back to my childhood farm days . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. love the photos as always, my Dad used to say a different one, "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!" xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Awesome photos! I love the photo of sure looks like she wants a kiss!

    My dad used to say the same rhyme as Caren's dad. I'd not heard your version but it sounds lovely.

  13. What a great pictures!!! Especially the ones of cute Esme:) What a nice memory of your dad.

  14. Your photos are always heartwarming! Love the kitties, XOXO


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