Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bees, puppy, cat!

First off...


Monty is such a good boy!

So, last Friday I moved six beehives from behind the barn to out in the field. They were facing the spot where we plan to put in a sand ring for our horses.  Bee stings and horseback riding don't mix! So even though it isn't a great time of year to be moving hives, my friend  Pierre helped me get the job done.

Me and Pierre in the Kubota

The hives are all moved, but I took this pic this evening after catching TWO swarms today...

...instantly taking me from seven hives to nine (two hives aren't in this photo.)

First I found this swarm when I went for a walk. It was easy to catch. I trimmed back the Manitoba maple sapling it was in, and whacked the whole clump of bees into a hive box under the tree, then put the lid on.

Because I succeeded in knocking the queen in, the rest of the bees marched in too! Even all those ones I accidentally knocked on the rocks, oops.

Bees are very gentle when swarming. I wore my bee jacket but didn't get a single sting.

Then no sooner had I gone into the house to change out of my sweaty clothes but Luc came running up to tell me about another swarm on the fence in the horse pasture!

This isn't huge, but it's bigger than it looks in the photo. Another easy catch...

... I just used my bee brush to sort of sweep everyone into the box in a clump. Once again I got the queen in on the first try, hooray!

Hopefully there will be no more swarms this week!

I came back to visit Monty...

I think Henry the pig used to live with a dog. He really likes to hang with Monty.

Monty is excellent with the goats and pigs. He's still learning that cats are not to be chased, not even a little! But he's a very good boy and I have confidence in him.

I started clicker-training him today and he is SO smart! He learned to touch my hand on command in five minutes or less. He really is a lovely dog. He seems quite content with his goats and pigs. I think he will mature into a great livestock guardian dog but I know we have lots of work and training ahead!
And Keaton...

...is quite happy just to be amongst the flowers!


  1. Love Monty! What a face. He looks happy. Good job with the bees! Always something going on there. I hope all goes well this weekend. Wish I could come but it's a bit far for a day trip!

  2. Keaton is so handsome - he makes me miss my Tuxie boy!

  3. Lovely post and photos , WOW ! that's a lot of bees thanks you for looking after the honey bees , we dont have bee houses or bee keep but we do what we can by planting the right flowers for them to pollinate and take back to their homes . Oh my Monty is a sweety such a happy go luck boy he and our Miggs would love to play together as she acts like him and she is almost 7 a senior dog she will be soon but you wouldn't know it lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a great week !

  4. Had to breeze right through the bee pictures. Monty & Co. are adorable.

  5. Oh Natalie, Monty is just adorable! I love Keaton too. You are a brave lady to hive swarms of bees. I've only ever seen men doing it. Your post was a great read. I wish I could attend your silent auction on Saturday; meanwhile I wish you luck with its success.

  6. That is one good looking puppy! Would love to join you Saturday if you weren't so far away. But good luck and hope it's a wonderful day!

  7. if I lived closer..... Monty is a good boy :)

  8. I was wondering if Tristan has met Monty? He is such a cutie!
    Glad you're helping those bees. I should get my hands in some of your honey :)

  9. I wish people didn't freak when bees are around them. It looks like the new puppy is a fast learner.

  10. When Dakota heard that Monty was on the blog today he had to stop by! What a cutie! What fun you will have with Deb too! DakotasDen

  11. Monty is a cutie.I am glad he is learning so quickly too. Keaton is adorable too.

  12. He really is a beautiful dog; he looks so intelligent too.

  13. I do love that puppy stage...Monty is just adorable. You are so brave! I've never seen so many bees!! Good for you, and for us all. Thank you!

  14. Now there's a fluffy and cute puppy....:)

  15. Love all these pictures. You live in a lovely place!


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