Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's all for the cats...

I got Gordon a new t-shirt...

...but "cat" needs an "s"! Bahahahahha!

Meanwhile, on our bed the other night...

Alex was blissfully ignoring the shenanigans behind him (Archie sucking up to fellow Greek, Daisy!)

Daisy is a LOVELY cat. And as you can see, she is spending time in our house now. And on our bed.

She's a real sweetheart.

This photo does not do justice to her, er, girth. She is quite the little couch potato. It's amazing how much more "well-padded" she is than her sisters Honey and Daisy!

And she's sweet to everyone...

Here she is visiting Pip!

Speaking of Pip...

... she took ownership of our gardener Shawn's hat today!

Then Mootie joined in.

I asked Shawn if he'd been rolling in the catnip patch!

Pip was sad when the hat disappeared!

And here's Buttercup...

... she spends huge amounts of her time catching vermin in the barn. She's an incredible mouser/ratter! Very serious about her job. And very beautiful!

And here's another orange cat...

...Emerson and Saul really do seem to love each other. It's adorable. They will spend ages nuzzling each other and although Saul still enjoys chasing cats, he doesn't do it to Emerson. They are pals!

And here's this beauty again...

Pip is just a stunning tabby girl.

And another excellent, serious mouser!

And uh oh...

No. I don't own a black and white cat.


...I might. Can you see Alex at the left, towards the top? I have found him hanging out with this cat twice this week. And when I took these photos, Archie and Emily were in the cat cage happily watching the black-and-white kitty. They seemed to be getting along!

A few weeks back, my neighbour asked me if we owned a black and white cat, because there was one sitting up at the end of our laneway. I said no. But I think I may have been mistaken. I've started putting our food for her (her? him? My friend Deb thinks it's a girl and I agree.) She leaves when she sees me, but not in a panicked way. I will have to win her trust and then it's off to the vet. I presume someone dumped her. She's definitely not feral. I'll keep you posted! I really don't want 50 cats but sometimes they show up and things are just meant to be. We'll see!


  1. We've had two dumped cats this year. One is happily awaiting adoption at the shelter...the other (an orange baby 3-4 months old) is with us until we can beg a shelter to take her. Why so people think that cats are disposable?
    Jane x

  2. She's a handsome black and white. But all your cats are.I'm with Jane on this. There are hot coals in hell for any animal dumper.

  3. What a trooper! Always ready to take in another critter.

  4. Lucky kitty to have found his/her way to your home. I hope the trust is soon granted and you can have the gorgeous cat checked out. It's wonderful that they all seem to get along.

    Love the picture of Emerson and Saul!

  5. I'd like to dress up in a cat costume and be adopted onto your farm! She's a beauty, B&W!

  6. All the cats are looking so happy.

  7. Bless you for looking after another pussycat. You guys are good people.

    Julie Q

  8. You must send out a vibe of welcoming to all stray cats Natalie! The world is a better place with people like you and Gordon in it.
    Mootie looks so much like our first cat Linus it always startles me.

  9. Love the t-shirt... and definitely appreciate the sentiment! It's so true.
    Love the cat pics too. They are such happy campers!

  10. Great T-shirt, and BEAUTIFUL bedspread + shams! I love all your cat pics and stories! Are you really going to break out and take in a non-orangey cat?? Hope so.


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!