Friday, May 08, 2015

How surprising... another addition to the farm!

Look who arrived last Saturday!

This is Saul the Sicilian donkey! He is utterly lovely.

He came to us from our neighbours down the road. They have several donkeys, but Saul wasn't getting along with another one of the males, so they were looking for a new home for him.

We couldn't resist! We've wanted  a donkey for ages. We arranged this back in November but couldn't manage to transport him until now.

Even though he had NEVER been in a trailer before, four of us get him in within five minutes, with the help of a bucket of grain and a strap around Saul's butt! He was really good.

My friends came over to help with introducing him to the ponies, which went very well! Finney chased Saul for five minutes and that was about it. There's still a bit of posturing going on and I saw Saul give Finney one well-deserved kick, but my sense is that they will eventually be friends, which would be great for Finney because he needs a youngster to play with! Esme turns 13 this year, Finney turns 4, and I think Saul is turning 4 as well.

I think he's looking forward to getting out on pasture!

Meanwhile Finney was having a crazy hair day!

We are continuing with our riding lessons, which are lots of fun...

I got to ride Missy the Haflinger at my last lesson. She was lots of fun and a really good girl!

Have a great weekend. Today we are celebrating our 22nd anniversary. :)


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Time goes by quickly when you're having fun. The new addition looks like a real character.

  2. We keep thinking of having a donkey too, but.... Saul looks beautiful.

  3. Awwww, I've always wanted a donkey. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Saul is a handsome fellow. Your pasture will be well appointed come spring. But, so much work.

  5. Donkeys just have the sweetest faces, with their sleepy eyes and half smiles.
    And happy anniversary!!
    You must be starting a trend - anniversary #5 is wood, #15 is crystal, and #22 is donkey!

    1. Anonymous11:45 am

      Ha! My 40th is coming up next year and I think that may qualify as "#40 is old goat." :)

  6. Congratulations on your Anniversary!!!
    Well, now I'm expecting "a new addition to our farm" post every time I come here!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Saul is adorable! I'm sure Esme is relieved Finney has a playmate now ;-)

  8. Happy Anniversary! Saul is beautiful. What a barnyard full of animals you have. And they are all very blessed to
    live there.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary and the new addition to the family!

  10. Saul is very handsome!

  11. A donkey! So cool.

    And happy anniversary!

  12. Happy Happy Anniversary and welcome Saul! Donkeys are sooo sweet! xoxo

  13. Sooo cute :-)

    Happy Anniversary :-)

  14. Saul looks very sweet. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having a (perpetual) crazy hair day. Congratulations on 22 happy years! Here's to many many more!

  15. Missy and you are a great duo! Saul is very handsome, too. Do you think his silvery colouring might be some Provençal donkey mixed in? Either way, he's beautiful and lucky to have found such a great, new home with you and G!

  16. Lol, a donkey? he is cute! They kick really hard!

  17. Ooo! Congratulations! I still think you need a goat like me to compliment your herd, but I guess a donkey is a nice thing too. Tee hee.

  18. How lovely ! and congratulations on your anniversary ...I think a donkey is an unusual present but one I'd be well pleased with too haha !
    Gail x

  19. Saul! What a darling boy! Is he an anniversary gift from your hubbie? Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Something tells me the very best years are yet to come. God bless you both.


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