Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My polydactyl barn boy, and other happenings...

Here is my Mr. Handsome...

Redford! I just adore this cat. He follows me everywhere. Remember when he wouldn't come near me?   Remember when I had to use a wildlife cam to get a glimpse of him?

Not any more! He comes running absolutely every time I call him!

He's my big handsome boy. And he's got quite the harem in the barn now: Missy, Mootie and Pip. Pics of them all to come soon!

He's got a big of a suckling habit, like Emerson.

Speaking Emerson...

Guess who got full-on skunked yesterday? Sigh... I gave him a thorough deskunking bath (1 quart hydrogen peroxide plus 1/4 cup baking soda plus 1 teaspoon liquid soap) but I have to be careful around his face so as not to get it in his eyes, so his head still smells. I cuddled him today anyway!

Emerson had a lazy day on my desk...

So let's see... a cat, cat artwork, cat bed, cat water fountain and of course, an actual cat. 

I think I need to clean up my desk!

But back to the cat smart enough not to get sprayed...

Does he know winter is coming?

It got very cold and windy today!

Yesterday was warmer and my bees were out and about.

And I saw this cool set of contrails in the sky over our fields. "X" marks the spot!

And guess who's coming tomorrow? The two ponies we are adopting through the OSPCA. The fencing is all up, the box stalls are ready, I have hay, and the stock tank is full with 100 gallons of water. Much excitement! Pictures to follow.


  1. These cats have you totally under their control. They can get your attention any time they want.

  2. Cute kitty ! Oh our Miggs got skunked a few months ago full on and we did use the same remedy and also used the miracle skunk remover stuff from the pet store we have on hand as well . Oh I would love to have mini ponies . I bet you are soo excited to get these ponies I know I would be . Thanks for sharing lovely photos and post . Have a good day !

  3. Taking inventory, I believe you are short goats and sheep. Maybe an alpaca or a llama. Just saying.

  4. Redford is one handsome dude!
    I can't wait to see the ponies :)

  5. Oh my.....Redford is a cutie! Certainly takes after the "other" Redford!
    Have fun with the are the 2 new gals making out?
    Linda :o)

  6. That Redford is a real poster boy now. I'm getting excited to see the ponies. AND...can't wait to see Mootie and Pip out and about. Things sure are moving along at 'the ranch'. :))

  7. My cat has become very friendly recently too (He's on my lap as I type). Maybe it's the season. Nice looking fencing; maybe I should do the same.

  8. Redford dared Emerson to say "Hi" to the skunk...just know it!
    Jane x

  9. Such handsome beasties!
    None of our cats have tangled with a skunk, but our old dog Buster did once. The next morning, my grandpa came by to hunt ducks with my dad. The dogs loved him so were right out as soon as he pulled in the driveway. Buster dove in the car as soon as my grandpa opened the door.... I never saw an old man move so fast!

    I almost got nailed by a skunk last month. I went to take the garbage to the curb. There was a full moon, so I didn't turn on the yard lights. I went to grab the bag when I saw something move. My eyes focused on it and I realized it was a skunk - tail up and aiming at me. I backed up and spoke in soothing tones and eventually he put his tail down and ducked under the fence and left.

  10. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Natalie, I'm WAY behind on my blog-reading. I've missed your menagerie! Skunks...Euwww. Our Pookie got got sprayed a couple of weeks ago. We got her mostly cleaned up and two nights later she did it again!


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