Sunday, August 10, 2014

Number EIGHT!

This is what happens when the local animal shelter pegs you as a sucker...

You bring home pig #8! 

I picked up Jersey on Friday, within an hour of the shelter manager calling me. Jersey was born May 24th. Someone had her living in her apartment in Cornwall, which I can guarantee does not allow pigs within city limits.

So now she lives with us. We have to introduce her slowly to the rest of the herd, so for the moment she is bunking in the turkey coop (which has yet to house turkeys!) Gordon made a little window in the bottom of the door and screened it so the pigs can all start getting to know each other through the mesh.

She is such a sweetie. We both try to spend quality time with her so she's not lonely but she does seem content right now.

Gertie (her face is filthy!) came over to visit.

Yeah, I think we're on our way to becoming some kind of pig sanctuary... that's okay! We love 'em.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and her chicks got to spend the afternoon in the chicken tractor in our garden.

They were quite happy! Charlotte is moulting, too. Poor hen, there's a lot going on for her right now but she seems as content as the pigs.

Here's little Jersey. I think she needs to gain some weight, but my six milk-fed porcine fatties are not really a reasonable piglet size comparison.

She does at least have lots of space right now.

Meanwhile, it was a good day for hanging laundry...

We like colour around here! Hope you all had a lovely summer weekend.


  1. That's what I call Hog Heaven. : )

  2. You do seem to be hogging all the pigs in your area!

  3. It's good that there are people like you who are willing to take in these unfortunate critters and look after them

  4. What a wonderful and amazing life you lead!

  5. Welcome aboard, Jersey! I'm sure this little porker will fit right in. Charlotte and her babies look they are having a good time in the yard :-)

  6. You know I've wanted you to adopt me for a while now and I've finally figured out the trick. So, I'm off to check myself in at your local animal shelter. I don't think I'll need to be quarantined.

  7. I love the beautiful colors too!!!!

  8. "Someone had her living in her apartment in Cornwall"

    I'd like to know the story behind that!?

  9. oh boy, can I tell a story about people keeping a pot belly in an apartment... By the time the landlord figured out where the smell the other tenants were complaining about was coming from, the apartment was a write off. Heard it from the horses mouth so we did and it weren't a pretty tale.

  10. I thought it was another cat!!! You have to go to double digits now and get another two piggies. How lucky they are to live with you.

  11. Anonymous11:23 am

    Good thing you've got lots of room! Lucky pig. I see others have already used up the hog puns before me : )


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