Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lace scarf

Aaaages ago, Dephal sent me a lovely beaded scarf pattern and some alpaca yarn and beads with which to make it. I had to keep putting this project down to do other things, but I have finally finished it. I haven't blocked it yet, but you get the idea:

The free pattern is here:

This was my first time using beads in knitting and it was great fun. I really like knitting lace, too.

I am bad about not blocking knitting projects, but I need to do it for this to really show the lace, no? I will post more pics afterwards.

Thank you, Dephal! This was a really fun project, and I love the yarn.


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    It's BEAUTIFUL!!! What a piece of work. ..just don't give it to your MIL ..hahah.


  2. Uh, she won't be getting any more knitting from me, not to worry!

  3. This is gorgeous!!


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