Friday, July 25, 2008

We need two!

Recently we bought a comfy cat shelf for our enclosed front porch. The cats love it, but today I discovered that we apparently need to buy ANOTHER cat shelf:

I love the look on Julius' (L) face: "Would you just piss off and let me enjoy my shelf? And can you take Alex with you?!"

And I found this wildflower growing next to my composter. Any guesses as to what it is? It looks like or tiny orchid or lily!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading yours and will be back! Your cats are too cute!

  2. I don't know if there is a Home Depot near you, but that swing is onsale (online only) for $299 until 8/8. It is the Sanoma Swing. I saw the online sale after we bought it, but we still got a good deal on it.

  3. I would think you need another shelf. But they both look very cute up there!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  4. Our nearest Home Depot is very very very lame, but I'll give it a try! :)

    Gordon brought home another cat shelf; hopefully we'll install it this weekend and restore peace to kittyland. Of course, Alex needs a ladder because he can't jump very high due to his missing hind leg.

  5. I'm not that good with botanical questions (if the plant is still unidentified by early September I'll print the photograph and take it to a botanist I (should) be seeing on the weekends (assuming his (and his wife's) health continues).

    But my field guide led me through a few questions I had to guess at (round or square stem?), but the most likely is "bracted green orchid" (Coeloglossum viride). Looking it up on the internet, there seem to be at least two common variants of the species, one with a much thicker stem and one looking like your picture.

    Whether or not I got the species anywhere close to right, I do think it is the correct genus, so you can look at the Coeloglossa as well as the group it was formerly associated with (Habenaria). It could be one of the Rein Orchids (like Pale Green Orchid (Platanthera flava)). Judging by Wikipedia, the flowering time for the latter is much better than the former.

  6. Well, I was close. It is an orchid. But it wasn't in my field guide because it isn't a native species. Apparently, there is one invasive species of orchid in Ontario (and it is quite pervasive). So, it seems that you have yourself a Helleborine.

  7. I'm glad we got to compare notes on this cool orchid! Yours is very pretty, of course mine has a ghostly presence of its' own :)

  8. Lisa, your orchid is extremely cool! It's amazing how things come to be considered "weeds"... I was just thrilled to have an ORCHID in my garden!


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