Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Totally organic and/or free-range...

The breakfast, that is, not me. Even the bacon was once a free-ranging... piggy. (Sorry, vegetarians. Honestly, I should be one myself! I blame Gordon for the fact that I continue to eat some meat. I have given up beef. It's a start!) Oh yeah, the butter isn't organic either.

This breakfast artistry comes to you compliments of Chef Gordon, who is always making me laugh with his ornate plate arrangements. You can see the face on my plate, can you not? I think Gordon should have been a food stylist. There is a repressed artist under that bearded exterior.

And guess what else I've learned? If you want an instant facelift, take your own photo with your head lying on a table, and the camera pointing down at you from your hands held overhead. Trust me on this one! I'm practising to be on "America's Next Top Model", (my secret shame-of-a-show).. or maybe "Canada's Next Oldest Model"!

I decided we needed a little change from robins, so you get to look at me and food instead. The eggs came from our veterinarian's wife, who lives in our village and keeps chickens. She calls them "The Girls" and they come running when she calls them.


  1. You know? I just never know what I'm going to find when I drop in here. One simply doesn't expect organic scrambled faces.

  2. I like to keep my visitors on their toes!

  3. It's bacon with a side of ham!

  4. Anonymous8:09 pm

    So much for not playing with your food.


  5. HAHAHAHA~ Peg wins the "Comment of the Year" award!!!

  6. Clearly, lawyering isn't providing enough of a creative outlet for Gordon.

  7. Ahh, how sweet! Gordon is very creative! What better way to have fun with breakfast than to make a smiley face. :)

  8. Alas, the only food play that goes on around here is food tossed in the air for the dogs to catch (not that I have dogs, mind you, but when my goddog and neighbordog come to visit), and Mike's daily scraping of one handful of food into his water dish. Apparently, he is unable to actually consume food without first sacrificing some to the Gods Who Provide The Sacred Bath Waters.

    PS: My chickens answered to Patty, Laverne and Maxine. :)

  9. Nancy K7:11 pm

    That makes me remember that show Soap ... remember that about a million years ago? That woman said to never bend over a man make sure that your face is upwards. It's like an instant facelift!!

    You crack me up Knatty ... and I swear to god there was someone on that top model show who looked like you!!


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