Sunday, January 08, 2006

The orange lizard

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!

For Christmas, the cats got a wonderful catnip-stuffed orange lizard toy from Auntie Mary and Uncle Paul.

It is now officially the most popular cat toy in the house, and believe me, we have a lot of cat toys! Zoë and Julius share the lizard. Mashka doesn't care about this new creature, but Mashka is not much into playing. Mashka prefers food to all else in life. Interestingly, it is Zoë who is the fat cat. To my eternal shame, she is the one overweight pet in the house (Julius looks big, but it's all fluff. He is one lean, mean, muscular machine.) Zoë has been on a diet. Zoë has been on an exercise regime. The vet and I have all but given up on her. Maybe the orange lizard will be the magic cure! All that killing must burn off SOME calories.

Can I lick it to death?

Can I shake it to death?

“Oh... hello. What, don’t all cats spend their lives on a bath mat?”

Looking DISTURBINGLY like a furry maggot.

“Just practising for my new job with Cirque de soleil!”

“Can I lick it to death?” (Nice pet hair on the floor! And that right after vacuuming!)

“Or maybe I'll just cuddle it into submission!”

Zoë shows off the kill.

The real reason Zoë spends her life in the bathroom: SPACE HEATER!


  1. That lizard has an expression on its face like it knows what it's in for.

  2. I've had a KoK application mailed to your house. Fill it in carefully. For the sake of your household, be honest and forthright. Kitties on Krack will support you through the recovery.

  3. Where can I get that fabulous stuffed lizard?? Please help!

  4. I love your kitties... that lizard must have some heavenly stuff in it for all the attention it's getting.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


    My cats truly love everything I buy from this company! It's amazing really. And no, this isn't a paid endorsement. :)


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