Saturday, October 15, 2005

Nature moments

Our cat Julius loves to watch birds up close and personal-like at the window feeder in our kitchen. One day I left a box from the green grocer's on the counter and Julius, a bonafide box-lover, jumped right in. I think he figured he was well camouflaged.

This wee fellow is a Pacific tree frog. He was sitting on the water hyacinth in our garden pond last summer. These little guys have INCREDIBLY loud "ribets", and in fact make the ribet you hear used in cartoons and movie soundtracks etc. I had one going at it outside our family room window one day, and I honestly thought he was in the room! They're very small and very cute. Their colours can vary from green and grey to brown and black. Wan more info? Go to:

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  1. Nobody loves the frog! Nobody comments on the frog! So I'll do it... you're cute, little green froggy!


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