Monday, September 12, 2005

Sisterhood of the Holy Hats

The Spidergurlz are on tour and will be back when I come up with something clever for them to do! In the meantime, I invite you to join the

Sisterhood of the Holy Hats.

Here you see Sister Moggy (of the Ontario chapter) and Sister Knatolee (of the British Columbia chapter) wearing their sacred headgear.

Sister Moggy is reverently holding the Holy Appliance, the true purpose of which is only known to inductees to the Sisterhood. And Braun. Sister Moggy is very skilled in the use of the Holy Appliance. (Just ask her slave, Brother Paul.)

Sister Moggy nuzzles the Holy Appliance as Sister Knatolee clutches to her heart the Holy Book, The Friendship Book, because what is more holy than friendship? ETERNAL friendship.

Secrecy is of the utmost importance to the Sisterhood. If you betray our secrets, we will use the Holy Appliance on you in ways you have never imagined. (Just ask Brother Paul.)

When recruiting new members, we never wear our hats, so as not to frighten potential Sisters. Here, Sister Moggy uses the soft touch on new recruit Tara:

Brother Julius is somewhat alarmed by the examination techniques Sister Moggy uses to discern his gender. However, Brother Julius, being a eunuch, IS entitled to partial membership in the Sisterhood.

Mother of God! (no, not literally!)

Our enforcer, Brother Geezer. When you offend the Sisterhood, you offend Brother Geezer. You don't WANT to offend Brother Geezer! (Note: Brother Geezer is excluded from the eunuch rule. Brother Geezer is not a eunuch!)

Bad things happen to those who are excommunicated from the
Sisterhood of the Holy Hats
Ex-Sister Tara, is now a hooker and a lush:

Sister Snowy refused to wear a Holy Hat, and instead donned a plain black bowler. Sister Snowy was duly punished for her insolence, by the Sisterhood's Satanic Serpent:

The Sisterhood of the Holy Hats...
We're peace-loving (sort of), fun, spiritual, and handy with a doily. Won't you join us today? Or would you rather face the wrath of Brother Geezer (aka Death on a Stick)?

Yup, Sisterhood it is!


  1. Oh my!!! So, that's where my Holy Appliance ended up! I've been looking for that.

  2. And you thought it just got lost in the move!


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