Monday, August 15, 2005

Bide Awhile plug

“Why yes, in fact I DO own this sink!”

When we moved from Nova Scotia at the end of 2003, I wept many tears! I like to keep a connection to "the homeland" (even though I was born and bred in Toronto) and so, in addition to staying in touch with my Nova Scotian friends, every year I do the design and production work for the Bide Awhile Animal Shelter photo contest calendar. Bide Awhile is a great little shelter, and they are currently building up a fund to build a new, bigger and better shelter. Visit their website:

And hey, if you're flush, make a donation! This no-kill shelter is well-managed and does great work. I do the calendar for free every year because they mean that much to me!

And check out the photo challenge winners on the site. There are some dang cute pets featured there! That fellow pictured above is our very own Julius, the only one of our pets born in NS. He just showed up at our back door one night and never left.

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