Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tall and snowy

We went over the border to Mount Baker last July.

There was something surreal about wandering around in snow in our shorts in mid-summer! I threw several snowballs at my beloved, hitting him squarely on the back of the head.

In case there's anyone out there not aware of how homesick I am for Nova Scotia (God knows my husband is fully aware), well, I am homesick for Nova Scotia and would happily be living there in a fish shed right now if I could take my hubby with me. But for all I knock BC and the surrounding area (mostly because I can't afford to live on the ocean here), there are some rather spectacularly beautiful bits. Mount Baker is one of them. It may technically be situated in Washington, but you can see it clearly from here in Abbotsford most days, and it becomes more magnificent the closer you get to it!

There are some lovely mountains here on the Canuck side too, that is, the ones that aren't clear cut and covered with cookie-cutter family homes (the run-off from which helped flood our village last month). Well, some of the homes are more extravagant and less cookie-cutterish than others. The higher up a mountain you go, the more rarified your farts are. And there are streets up there with gold fire hydrants! I kid you not.

Anyway, I wanna go live on five acres in Mission and have llamas, chickens and a pot-bellied pig. But I digress. Somebody send me some lobster.

PS: Amelia is fighting the good fight, but I am hopeful she will be dead soon!

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