Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inter-species Peace Treaty

Now, the esteemed Mr. Fluffy, aka Julius, (Sir Fluffybutt to you mere mortals) has strong opinions about dogs. They are filth. They are lesser beings. They are not worthy of attention, unless they come too close the claws of death, in which case Julius thinks that dogs are worthy of having their fleshy muzzles shredded (a lesson Sophie was slow to learn.) 

And while he and Sophie still hiss and growl at each other regularly, (but without contact or bloodshed) Mr. Fluffy seems to have reached a certain peace with Tristan. This is probably because Mr. Tristan is not terribly interested in cats, except for occasionally wishing to get up close and personal with the dog-nose to cat-butt contact! Tristan is quite tolerant of the felines that rule the household. 

Mr. Fluffy gave Tristan attitude a few times in the early days of their relationship, which only increased the T-Man's respect for this ten-pound ball of fur, fang and claw. But nowadays Julius will run nonchalantly over a reclining Tristan's front paws, and the big lug doesn't even raise an eyebrow!

Occasionally I find these two hanging out together, if avoiding actual physical contact. Both Julius and Tristan are seriously addicted to sunbathing. In winter, the piano room gets a bit of hot sun every day, but the patch of illumination is not very big, and it's a struggle for the pets to share it. I walked in the room yesterday morning and discovered this scenario:

 It almost looks as if Tristan is worshipping at the altar of the Great Sun Cat, not to mention wishing he could get up on that loveseat (once he even succeeded!)

Tragically, yesterday he was forced to remain on the floor... still, a boy can dream!


Three words: PETS ARE WEIRD!

We clearly need more sunlight in here. A nice conservatory would help.


  1. Sir fluffybutt is awesome! I love it! I'm cracking up!!! ;o)

  2. Anonymous11:02 am

    Seriously beautiful animals. Poor Tristan! He so wanted up on that love seat! You can see it in his beautiful patient eyes.

  3. Thanks gals! We do love our pets. They are all rescues.

  4. Btw, CogDis, he pulls the same stunt with me when I'm lying on the couch. Deep heavy sighs, wagging tail, puts his head on my chest and blinks at me. He's scored a couple of times. We let him up after his surgery last year, but when he gets on the couch, he lies on ME, not the actual furniture. And he's not light at 80 lbs! :)


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